Corporate Team Building Activities in Bangkok – Competitive Axe Throwing Tournaments


Are you looking for a unique, socially engaging Team Building Event In Bangkok? The Golden Axe Throw Club has you covered! Experience the thrill of axe throwing with your colleagues that bridges the gap between manager & employee.

At Golden Axe Throw Club, all players are treated equal and will not be differentiated by their position, but by precision & determination. Everyone in your group will be talking about “that awesome time we went axe throwing in Bangkok!”

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Axe Throwing Corporate Events

Our Corporate Axe Throwing Events focus building a sense of community amongst co-workers. We can structure our tournaments to commence a team based tournament or a free for all, every person for themselves battle to crown one overall champion of Axe Throwing! It’s one of the best team building events in Bangkok, with over 60 5 Star reviews in the first 6 months of operation. We also offer free Knife Throwing, Cornhole (bean bag toss) & Hammerschlagen (Stump) side games, so your group never has a dull moment!

With approval from management, we can even print out the boss’s face to put up on the targets! All in good fun though!

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Print out a picture of your boss!

What is Axe Throwing?

Axe Throwing is a competitive urban sport that brings the primal lumberjack out in everyone. Throwers take aim, trying to hit the bullseye or as near as possible to score the most points, and beat their opponents in thrilling axe throwing fashion! It’s like bowling, or darts, only cooler and more exciting!

Urban Axe Throwing

Corporate Events for Groups of 8 to 60+

Our events are 100% safe, as we provide a coach and instruction how to throw safely, in a safe fenced off enviroment. Players learn how to hit the targets while having a good old fashion competition while maintaining a social level of fun and excitement.

Whether you are thinking up the perfect office Christmas party, team building event, or even a simple after-work activity, Golden Axe Throw Club is the perfect corporate team building activity.

Event Structure:

Ideal Group Size: 8-60 people
Time Limit: 3 Hours

Starting Price: 800 baht per person

1st Hour – Introduction, Coaching & Practice:
1 Hour will be dedicated to safety instruction and coaching on how to successfully stick an axe in the target. Our expert coaches will have you hitting bullseyes within a handful of throws.

2nd-3rd Hours – Round Robin Tournament & Single Elimination Playoffs
2-3 hours will be dedicated to an epic round robin tournament that will seed each player into a playoff bracket, where they will face elimination. We will continue until there is one grand champion of the event, the person with ultimate bragging rights amongst your crew. Everyone starts on equal playing field, but only one person or team emerges victorious.

During our 3 hour events, everyone grows closer together with camaraderie and companionship, as they all strive to excel their axe throwing game to the next level. Lots of picture opportunities present themselves naturally during the event, and people can’t stop laughing (or cursing) at how well they throw.

Room for 8 people or 60+

Catering: Golden Axe Throw Club offers full catering from an authentic Italian Bistro serving Gourmet Pizza, Pasta, Cold Plates & Appetizers. Let us serve your crew while they work up an appetite throwing axes! If you’re looking for a Canadian treat, we also serve Canadian Poutine.

Authentic Italian Pizza!

Craft Beer Bar: Our venue has well stocked craft beer bar with a selection of over 40 imported & local craft beers. We also have cheap Thai beers and light spirits, as well as non-alcoholic refreshments.

Over 40 Craft Beers to choose from!

Let us know your catering requirements, and we can have offer a full menu with an open bar for an additional price.

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