Harness Your Inner Viking With An Axe Throwing Bachelor Party

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Bangkok Bachelor Party Idea: Axe Throwing!

If you’re planning to impress your mates with the most epic bachelor party in Bangkok, one to rival even The Hangover, make sure you don’t miss out on the most talked about indoor activity in Bangkok, Competitive Axe Throwing!

Somewhere in between the Muay Thai fights & Soi Cowboy bar crawl, you’ll want to book a competitive axe throwing event for your mates. Test your feats of strength in a socially engaging lumberjack activity, the only location in all of Thailand. This is the one activity that will leave your crew talking about the “best damn time in Bangkok!”

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Take Aim Bangkok!

Golden Axe Throw Club specializes in private parties that are the perfect pre-drink activity to kick your party into high gear.

Over 40 Craft Beers to choose from!

Featuring a Craft Beer Bar fully equipped with axe throwing lanes & a seperate knife throwing range, there is never a dull moment at the coolest beer bar in Bangkok.

Axe Throwing Event begins with coaching and safety instruction, followed by a round robin tournament with multiple heads up battles between friends. Wins, losses & total score is recorded to seed throwers into a single elimination playoff bracket. Think epic World Cup scale, only with axes!

Become the Golden Champion!

At the end of your competition, there will be one clear winner of your group, the Golden Champion of Axe Throwing. Winner gets eternal bragging rights, at least for the rest of your bachelor party!

Even losing has never felt so satisfying, as it only takes a few throws for everyone to learn how to stick an axe in the bullseye. With fierce competition, your crew will start your bachelor party in Bangkok with an adrenaline pumping niche sport that rivals boring old bowling & archery.


Had an amazing time! The experience is awesome and intense!



Knife Throwing Has Arrived in Bangkok!

Knife Throwing Has Arrived in Bangkok!

Knife Throwing in Bangkok! Top fun things to do in Bangkok, Thailand now includes Axe Throwing AND Knife Throwing. Throw knives as a fun activity in Bangkok at a Craft Beer bar while enjoying local & imported craft beers.

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