Why Ladphrao Wanghin Rd Deserves A Visit

“The comfort zone is a psychological state in which one feels familiar, safe, at ease, and secure. You never change your life until you step out of your comfort zone; change begins at the end of your comfort zone.”

Roy T. Bennett

Sukhumwhat? Fun Things To Do In Bangkok…

If “where do we go” is often a lamentation of your friends when trying to find where your next big Bangok memory will be made, then you’ve come to the right place. We’re going to show you why leaving your comfort zone in Bangkok, can produce some wildly epic nights!

It’s a shame some people travelled thousands upon thousands of kilometres to get to Thailand, yet can’t leave the comfort zone of Sukhumvit. It’s not like we are asking them to take an overnight bus 12 hours with no A/C, getting groped as you sleep! The fear of traffic, as congested as it gets in this city, is enough to keep you within a couple blocks of your air-conditioned apartment.

We get it, Bangkok traffic here is Hell. Which is why there are multiple options to traverse the city. Motorbike Taxis, Public busses, MRT/BTS, even taxis are dirt cheap with A/C running, stuck in traffic. So pick the best time to avoid traffic, and head out to Lat Phrao Wang Hin Road for an epic night out with your friends! Here are our suggestions to make “the trip” 12km outside city centre worth your time, and deserving your attention!

Lat Phrao Wang Hin Rd (Latprao Wanghin Rd)


The Fat Cow

Fat Cow on Facebook

4.9/5 Based on the opinion of 195 people

Take the BTS to the MRT, and get off at MRT Lat Phrao. Your first stop is going to be a quaint burger shop a short 2 minute walk from Lat Phrao MRT station. Here you will find some of the best burgers the city has to offer, with a superb selecton of curated Craft Beer from owner Manuel.

The Fat Cow’s Home Brew

Fat Cow excels at 2 things. Red meat & Craft Beer. The perfect combination for The King’s Disease, good ol’ gout! Unless you have gout, you really shouldn’t be complaining about somewhere being “too far” in Bangkok (this is the last time we’re going to chastise you Sukhumvit-slackers, promise!) Fat Cow is anything but a gout flare-up. It’s tender medium-rare steak and medium burgers using Australian grass fed beef are grilled to perfection. The tender meat will melt in your mouth as you select which tasty craft beer to accompany such a fine meal. There is always a rotating selection of local & imported craft beer, carefully selected to be the freshest kegs tapped in Bangkok.

Medium done burgers with Australian Grass Fed Beef

You may have heard of Fat Cow On The Roof, more central to BTS Chit Lom. While a larger space with incredible views of the city, Fat Cow by MRT Lat Phrao is the original location that put their name on the map. It’s well worth a stop before or after your epic adventure to Lat Phrao Wang Hin Road.


Where Do WE Go

4.8/5 – Based on the opinion of 156 people

Aptly named after that well asked question amongst any group of friends, Where Do WE Go stresses the WE in this phrase. They’ve created a quintessential Isaan (Isan) Bistro with ales & lagers from all over the world. Their rotating Craft Beer taps & large selection of cans and bottles make this Northern Thailand eatery a must-visit when in the Wang Hin Rd neighbourhood.

See, you don’t have to travel all the way (literally hundreds of KMs) north to Isaan, Thailand to get the authentic blend of Laos & Northern Thailand foods. Where Do WE Go serves delicious, and hefty, servings of Isaan food, suitable for sharing with a large group of friends. Their BBQ Shrimp Som Tom Platter is a feast to behold, and can be washed down with Nonthabury Mead’s latest batch of Sparkling Mead. Or grab one of Happy New Beer’s IPA tall cans, or the delectable HNB Grapefruit IPA also on tap.

Where Do We Go?

The decor is warm and welcoming, filled with lots of trinkets and odd lights. It’s a great spot to start the rest of your night on Wang Hin Rd, which otherwise you might drive by without ever noticing.

Fit2Fly Studio (Aerial Silk Acrobatics)

Fit2Fly Studio on Facebook

4.9/5 Based on the opinion of 62 people

The popularity of Aerial Silk Acrobatics has skyrocketed in recent years, with aerial specific fitness studios popping up all over the world. You can get your aerial acrobatic fix in Bangkok at the reasonably priced Fit2Fly Studio, located in a newly renovated venue on the corner of Wang Hin Rd 75 Alley. This venue boasts a massive space with high ceilings and bright floor-to-wall windows for a very spacious venue to do this unique exercise. You’ll be wrapped up in this fitness technique, quite literally, in no time with their expert training!

Fit2 Fly Bangkok Aerial Silk Acrobatics

Fit2Fly Studio has exceptional trainers trained in safety and technique to utlizie aerial acrobatics to benefit your own personal fitness regiment. They also have a wide range of Yoga classes to choose from, as well as dance lessons & 1-on-1 private aerial lessons to get in some extra training. They even have boxings classes & a TRX class to widen your options. Make sure to check out this one of a kind place or make it a monthly/weekly/daily ritual of unique aerial silk acrobatic fitness!

Bangkok Box Class Aerial Acrobatics

Pro Tip: Lots of Muay Thai & Boxing gyms in this area if you’ve decided to call Lat Phrao home.

Golden Axe Throw Club

Golden Axe Throw Club on Facebook

77 5-Star Reviews

Perhaps the only reason you’ve heard of Lat Phrao Wang Hin Rd is thanks to the Golden Axe Throw Club and their 75+ 5-star reviews within 6 months since opening. It’s the first Urban Axe Throwing & Knife Throwing range/bar in all Bangkok, Thailand & Southeast Asia!

Top Things to do in bangkok Axe throwing

The new sport of axe throwing is a past-time tradition from Canada, which is spreading like wild fire across North America, Europe & Australia. It’s about to hit Escape Room level fad, with a much more epic activity than twidling your thumbs for 45 minutes ‘locked’ in a room. This isn’t your daddy’s dart league, and it blows bowling out of the arcade.

Axe throwing in Bangkok, Thailand Asia

Unleash your inner lumberjack as you chuck axes, cleavers, hatchets & knives at wooden targets, and even at a zombie Donald Trump! That’s the basis for this axe throwing range turned Craft Beer bar. Safety instruction & coaching is provided by a NATF league champion from Canada that will ensure you hit the bullseye in as little as 5 throws. Priced under most other bangkok social activities, 500 baht gets you 1 hour of unlimited axe throwing, as you and your friends enter a round robin tournament to crown a champion amongst you.

Top Corporate Team Building Activities Bangkok

Team Building Activities in Bangkok

Channel your inner viking or shield-maiden and release some stress with this epically fun social activity. They serve craft beers from US, Canada, Japan & SEA, and you can order in yummy pies from their neighbours Alola Pizza. Make sure to check out their Jameson Pickleback shot, or try the secret Canadian menu item, poutine! The satisfying THUNK of sharp objects sinking into slintering wood will alone make the trip to Wang Hin Rd worthwhile in itself!

Bangkok's off the beaten path

Take Aim Bangkok!

[Pro Tip: After working up a sweat hurling axes, you can take a cool dip in a large, clean pool around the corner 1 block at Plaza Lagoon. Bring a swimsuit and check out Family Club Swimming Pool]

Public Swimming Pool bangkok Lat Phrao

Family Club Public Swimming Pool on Facebook

Alola Pizza Bistro & Bar

Alola Pizza on Facebook

4.9/5 Based off the opinion of 145 people

Alola Pizza in Bangkok Thailand

Speaking of Pizza & Axe Throwing, feel free to order in some pies while your throw axes at Golden Axe Throw Club, or dine in at Alola’s intimate bistro just around the corner. The age old debate of who makes the best pies in Bangkok wages on. Being the keyboard warriors that some people are, they haven’t tried every single pizza shop in Bangkok. Alola Pizza is run by a lovely Thai couple that do Italian style thin crust pizza authentic to the source. So leave the ongoing debate in Bangkok Foodies Facebok group and hit up Lat Phrao Wang Hin Rd for some delicious pies!

Alola Pizza Bangkok Thailand Wang Hin Rd

Alola Pizza offers a hefty menu, full of various pasta dishes with 4 styles of pasta to choose from on each page. A delicious, yet simple cold tray platter is enough to share in a group. They have over 15 scrumptious pies, all more delicious than the previous one. It’s near impossible to try everything on their menu, which keeps us coming back for more. Just make sure you try their Secret Sauce Siracha Wings!

Bangkok Pizza Shop

Pro Tip: try the old fashioned sweets shop next door to Alola. They serve sweet treats such as ice cream sundaes over fresh baked bubble waffles or yummy cocoa chocolate shakes.

Sorkorsor Arts & Music Cafe & Mori Rooftop Bar

Sorkorsor on Facebook

 4.7/5 based off opinion of 43 people

After you’ve worked up an appetite throwing axes & drinking craft beer, make sure to check out a local Thai favourite, Sorkorsor Arts & Music Cafe. The intimate setting of Sorkorsor allows patrons to mingle while the music picks up, featuring local favourite indie bands with a rotating selection of artists. This place is great for a cheap drink, while listening to some seriously rad tunes.

Sorkorsor Art&music cafe

When things get hot and heavy from all the swaying back and forth you’ll be doing, check out Mori Rooftop Bar upstairs for a cool breeze overlooking the area you never knew existed. They are all Jameson trained bartenders, so you know you’re in good capable hands. This rooftop bar is a new addition, and relatively unknown except to local Thais. The dimly lit rooftop party will be kicking into high gear are you approach last call, so make sure to find this little gem before leaving Wang Hin Rd!

Sorkorsor Bangkok

Sorkorsor offers a nice selection dishes that are Thai favourites with local beers at a reasonable price. This is one location you can get two birds stoned at once, listening to live music and then enjoying the open air of the rooftop bar upstairs. Keep reading to find out where the crowd goes after spilling out into the street around midnight when they close.

Sorkorsor Bangkok

S_pace Oddity

Space Oddity on Facebook 

5/5 based off the opinion of 100 people

Space Oddity is an acid trip into David Bowie’s mind, without the flashbacks. Actually the only flashbacks you’ll have, is to funky music from the 70s, 80s & 90s being spun on vinyl by the resident DJ. Featuring random events of funky music genres, Space Oddity often regresses into a full fledged sweaty dance party!

Bangkok Music Venue Space Oddity

Their decor is a trip out into space, and it’s up to you to bring your crew back down into the atmosphere. The food isn’t anything amazing here, besides basic pub food to balance the heavy drinking. Besides, you only come here for the cheap drinks, iconic music and habitual dancing with friends.

Bangkok Dance Hall Space Oddity

Make sure to keep an eye out for special events and concerts put on by Space Oddity. Even the unknown bands produce the most raging dance parties this far north of the BTS. If wild & whacky is your jam, you’ll feel right at home at Space Oddity.

Bangkok Bar Space Oddity

3 Days 2 Nights / 32 Zoning

3 Days 2 Nights on Facebook 
Based on the opinion of 2,831 people

When we first moved to Wang Hin Road, we didn’t realize where the deep bass shaking our walls was coming from at 3am-6am. Sure enough, it was one of the most popular local Thai after hours in Bangkok. Most Thais know of “3 Days, 2 Nights”, as do most cabbies. It’s infamous in popularity, and with local law enforcement as multiple owners of the years have attempted to break away from the bad image after a shooting a few years back. Even still, it pushes on as an industry after hours for locals that serves beer & whiskey well into the early morning.

Bangkok Night Club

Surrounded by Thai food courts, 3D2N is a open-air, Thai-style, sit-down, beer garden with live band music. Order a giant beer tower, and shout at your friends across the table as the music plays late into the evening. Order a Hookah (called Baraku in Thai) for 500 baht to share with friends as you lounge. Be warned, they only have Chang and another bottom barrel big manufactuer brand that I can’t even recall the name. Lots of Johnnie Walker Whiskey being served though!

3 Days 2 Nights Bangkok

Nestled somewhere in the back, is giant concert hall that we’ve never actually found before, but have definitely seen the crowds it gathers and heard the intense music played. 32 Zoning hosts some of the more well known Thai bands from Hip Hop to Metal and everything in between. Drink, snack, smoke & jam the night away, as this is the perfect way to cap off your evening along Lat Phrao Wang Hin Road.

3 days 2 nights bangkok bar

Honourable Mentions

Attitude Bar

Attitude Bar on Facebook 

5/5 out of the opinion of 4 people

Simply named Attitude in bold lettering is this small shop nestled between a couple go-go karaoke bars on Chok Chai 4 (4=”see” in Thai). This is the dive hole you’ve been missing all your life! Littered with the same locals everytime, and friends of friends, this is truly a spot that will remember your face, and drunken shenangians from your previous visit (Sorry!).

Attitude Bangkok Bar

While Attitude is a small bar packed with a tonne of decor with attitude, they maintain an attitude-free atmosphere. Our favourite interior decor design was the rusted mattress spring frames hanging from the ceiling or the literal tin-pots-to-piss-in inside the bathroom. They’ll let you take over the play list, as long as it’s a loud & rowdy sing-along played. This is the perfect dive bar, that serves peanuts on a paper plate and slings dirt cheap beers. They’ll even go buy more when you drink them dry! Just around the corner fro Where Do We Go, on Chok Chai 4.

Attitude Bangkok Bar

Chok Chai See (See=#4 in Thai)

Once you’ve checked out one, or all of the epic bars we’ve mentioned on Wang Hin Rd, you can stumble over to the parralel street, Chok Chai 4. Littered with open window Karaokes and closed curtain Go-Go Karaokes, you’ll be rolling the dice on whether you’re greeted with a frisky grope or an actual microphone. It’s well worth the drunken romp around, if you’ve consumed enough substances to warrant it!

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