An Unforgettable Birthday in Bangkok

Planning on throwing one of the most memorable birthday parties for a friend, family member or even for yourself? Then throw axes with us, and give your crew the most exciting and exhilarating birthday parties to ever hit the mark in Bangkok!

Our Golden Axe Birthday Parties have been a hit this past year in Bangkok, bringing out both the young and the old for some good ol’ fashioned lumberjack fun with the sport of urban axe throwing. Take aim, heed your coaches instruction and get ready to hit the bullseye in fast paced, axe throwing action.

Our staff at Golden Axe Throw Club will host the perfect birthday celebration for you and your friends. We kick things off with a brief introduction and safety instruction, then we get right into the technique of axe throwing. Within a few throws, you’ll hit your groove and start sinking satisfying thunks of sharp steel into wood. Fear not, our coaches are fully trained to safely ensure group safety at all times!

We’ve axe-pertly hosted birthday parties for groups ages 12 all the way to 65 and above. After coaching and practice, we hurl everyone into a round robin tournament to seed single elimination playoff brackets, to eventually crown your events Axe Throwing Champion, with all the pride, prestige and bragging rights that go with it.

Check out some awesome ideas from past birthday parties hosted at the Golden Axe Throw Club.


This Axe Piñata was a huge hit!

What’s an axe birthday party without a lumberjack inspired axe cake?!

We can’t remember if this was a bachelor party, or just one wild birthday party with some best mates. Whatever the special occasion, we have you covered!

Part of our exclusive axe throwing venue, is also offering fun backyard games like Cornhole & Knife Throwing.

Eat, throw, drink, play and have good clean fun while celebrating an unforgettable birthday party with your best friends and close family, only at the Golden Axe Throw Club in Bangkok, Thailand.

What is Axe Throwing?

Axe Throwing is a competitive urban sport that brings the primal lumberjack out in everyone. Throwers take aim, trying to hit the bullseye or as near as possible to score the most points, and beat their opponents in thrilling axe throwing fashion! It’s like bowling, or darts, only cooler and more exciting!.


Event Structure:


Ideal Group Size: 8-60 people
Time Limit: 3 Hours


1st Hour – Introduction, Coaching & Practice:
1 Hour will be dedicated to safety instruction and coaching on how to successfully stick an axe in the target. Our expert coaches will have you hitting bullseyes within a handful of throws.


2nd-3rd Hours – Round Robin Tournament & Single Elimination Playoffs
2-3 hours will be dedicated to an epic round robin tournament that will seed each player into a playoff bracket, where they will face elimination. We will continue until there is one grand champion of the event, the person with ultimate bragging rights amongst your crew. Everyone starts on equal playing field, but only one person or team emerges victorious.


During our 3 hour events, everyone grows closer together with camaraderie and companionship, as they all strive to excel their axe throwing game to the next level. Lots of picture opportunities present themselves naturally during the event, and people can’t stop laughing (or cursing) at how well they throw.




Golden Axe Throw Club offers full catering from an authentic Italian Bistro serving Gourmet Pizza, Pasta, Cold Plates & Appetizers. Let us serve your crew while they work up an appetite throwing axes! If you’re looking for a Canadian treat, we also serve Canadian Poutine.

Looking for catering or bar services for your epic birthday party?

We offer full catering from a local pizzeria with dessert options, as well as a full craft beer & soda bar. Want us to find the best deal on a pig roast, or how about a Crocodile Roast?! Just let us know and we’d be happy to accommodate your group catering needs incorporated into the cost of your axe throwing event.

Whether it’s a small group of up to 6 friends, or a larger 40 person plus group party, we can accommodate group sizes up to 100+. Or perhaps book our mobile axe throwing targets, where we bring our iconic, picture worthy targets to you!


Craft Beer Bar:



Our venue has well stocked craft beer bar with a selection of over 40 imported & local craft beers. We also have cheap Thai beers and light spirits, as well as non-alcoholic refreshments.

Let us know your catering requirements, and we can have offer a full menu with an open bar for an additional price.

Intimate Gatherings

2-6 People

Impress your friends with a socially engaging axe throwing  session. It’ll be the best damn activity they do in Bangkok!

Large Private Groups
6-60+ People

Book private axe throwing parties for your friends and family & experience the thrill of axe throwing while celebrating that special birthday.

Whole Venue Rental

Book out our entire venue rental for your special event or party & we’ll hook your entire crew up with special rates! Contact us for special rates.

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