Remember, you only need to count 5s & 7s to get a perfect game of 27 according to NATF rules!

Scoring in Axe Throwing

BK Magazine did an excellent article on exactly how to throw an axe at our venue. Check out the following video for tips on scoring and our axe throwing league affiliation.

We are now taking League registrations! Check out our Meetup Group for more details on joining an axe throwing league in Bangkok, Thailand.

Axe Throwing Near Me in Bangkok Thailand

Join the Axe Throwing League in Bangkok

Suitable for Meetup members looking for a weekly activity to meet new friends and group members.

Be warned, it’s extremely addictive and competitive & super cathartic!

Golden Axe Throw Club is hosting an axe throwing league, every Sunday night. Regular League season is 8 weeks, every Sunday night, or 28 games. 7 weeks of playoffs, followed by a double elimination bracket tournament to crown Asia’s 1st Axe Throwing Champion.
– (If you can’t commit to 8 weeks, we can throw your games in less time, or compress your weeks into something smaller)
– (Miss a week, and you can throw the week before or after. Each night is 4 games long (about 3 hours of throwing. Must play 28 games)

GATC follow the NATF rules of Our meetup league will be a part of NATF’s 3000 strong roster, and every single throw will be recorded and turned into super geeky stats! How many clutches did you hit in a season, what’s your average throw per axe, total score, etc, etc. Just check out! We compete to qualify into the NATC $7000 prized tournament, held every February (Straun Riley, the NATC winner received a cool $4000 cheque!).

Cost (to venue): 2500 baht.

Includes: 8 axe throwing sessions every Sunday (40 hours of axe throwing)

5 hours of axe throwing every Sunday. Practice starts at 6PM, League starts at 7PM-11PM

1 Free League T-shirt (limited supply)

1 Free League Axe (your very own axe!)

2-4 targets/lanes provided each week.

1 coach provided. Safety, coaching & instruction included! • What to bring
Closed Toe Shoes. Athletic clothes.

• Important to know
Venue Fees = 500 Baht: 1 Hour, 800 Baht 2-3 Hours.
(If you come for a single session, and don’t join the league, these are the current rates. Come by and join the group, if you just want to check it out and try one time).